How We Started Taking People To India

I love India, and after many requests from friends asking me to take them on my next adventure…I decided to book the trip! I started taking groups to India in 2008 and have been leading a group of wide eyed westerners annually ever since.
I love the people, the culture, the food: I even love the filth. India can be an assault to the senses with the intense smells, colors, sites and sounds; yet there is such a beauty in the people and their ancient way of life. The clothes, food and living conditions in some places have not changed for thousands of years. Life is simple and the people of India are full of innocence and love. My favorite place in India is the home of the sacred mountain Arunachala in the Tiruvinnamalia, the south of India: and this is where my husband Satya comes in: A South Indian native, Satya will take us to ancient sites and to visit Saints that only a local would know about. Satya speaks nine different languages and has been living in Tiruvinnamalai for twelve years. Being born of the Brahmin Caste, as a child Satya studied the Sanskrit language, Vedic Astrology and Intuitive Counseling. As an adult he took this knowledge and left his home in Chennai for adventures that took him all over India. He continued to travel extensively in India discovering many of its hidden corners and learning life from it’s rich tapestry of traditions and culture. Satya has also spent time in Germany and Spain.

For the last twelve years Satya has settled himself at the feet of his beloved Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai and has a beautiful Guest House, restaurant and Yoga Center called Sunshine Guesthouse. 
You can look at his website for this small hotel at

Sunshine Guesthouse, (which is really a small hotel but they are called Guesthouses in India),  has been rated #1 on Trip Advisor for 4 years in a row now and it is booked up one year in advance. Good thing we know the owner personally : ). We have our spots saved at Sunshine Guesthouse for our groups every years!