My First Trip to India

Message from Corrine

My first trip to India was with Deepak Chopra in 2000 and it was a nice short introduction. I stayed three weeks and visited the north. I loved the people and the colors. The remote areas near Rishikesh were it is like going back in time about 200 years.

My second trip burned many lifetimes of karma away…at least I hope so. I was in the tsunami, I broke my foot and I was very, very ill. But I loved every second and the intensity of the journey transformed me. I fell in love with Thiruvanammalai in 2005 and that is where I keep going back. It is where my heart is, where my partner is and where we have settled for six months a year now. Satya’s heart is also in Thiruvanammalai. His knowledge of the local customs and way of life is a treasure for visitors and he is proud to share his country with our groups. Satya is a wonderful chef enjoys cooking local delicacies for our guests when we are in Tiru. Speaking nine languages and having worked with tourists in India for many years Satya is an excellent and experienced guide.