I really can’t imagine a better way to experience India than with Corrine and Satya.  I feel truly blessed to have found such a loving, kind, nurturing and knowledgeable pair to prepare me for my journey to India and to welcome me with open arms upon my arrival.  Every detail of the trip was handled with style and grace.
Shari – Denver, CO
Shari is happy to have you contact her to ask any questions you may have about her experience with Corrine and Satya.
Email: s_turney@comcast.net

I travelled to India on a tour with Corrine and Satya and it was the best run tours I have ever been on.  Corrine thought of everyones needs as they appeared, and made changes to accommodate and satisfy everyone.  Satya was a treasure as a knowledgable guide, and he kept everyone laughing with his delightful humor. India is a land of extreme contrasts that can be challenging physically and mentally.  Corrine kept us grounded and in Bliss with her Love and calm centeredness.”
You can contact Scott for more details about his experience in India with Corrine and Satya.
Email: swg153@gmail.com

I’ve travelled the world, but  journeying to India with Corrine and Satya was one of the most life changing experiences I’ve had.  Corrine and Satya know their India and they bring it to you  with spiritual and loving bliss.  Take advantage of their knowledge, experience, dedication to their group, and above all making the journey awesome! —Phyllis Lutjeans

One time during the trip, Corrine said , speaking about herself said, “I believe in ease.” This was a perfect reflection of how Satya and Corrine handled the whole trip. Hotel, restaurants, sightseeing, shopping, were all done in a way to make it as easy as possible. I cannot imagine an easier first trip to India. — Kevin – San Diego, CA

I’ve been thinking a lot about you (Corrine) recently and wanted to send you some Love.  I soooo appreciate my time spent with you and Satya in India and feel connected to you two, (and Life).  I sing your songs regularly and it helps me feel connected to our amazing time in India. You are such a Blessing to the world. — Scott – San Diego, CA

My trip to Southern India with Corrine was wonderful.  We were in joy, comfort and fun.  Beautiful sites and experiences that will be treasured for a life time.  The Yoga in the morning to start our day, the meditation in the evening for deepening our own transformation in such a holy land was what we all needed to keep balanced while traveling. The temples, massages, delicious food and special new friends who we traveled with were all special parts of this wonderful adventure. Thank You Corrine. — Barbara Manly – Indianapolis, Indiana

Never having been a part of a yoga retreat and being a yoga novice, I was a tad apprehensive initially at signing up for a week of yoga.  But I told myself that no matter what the week would bring, Chamonix is one of the most gorgeous places on the Earth and so not to worry.  Nothing could have prepared me for such a meaningful and profound experience.  The group of people at our chalet were diverse (ages 19 to 70); however, because there is something for everyone, the group proved to be interesting, fun, harmonious and terrific.  From the first day, everyone experienced EXACTLY what they needed to experience whether it was supportive and perfect yoga, hiking, sightseeing, relaxing with a book and glass of wine or simply feeling the magic of the mountains. Corrine was caring, giving and supportive and I am a better person for the experience. I hated for the week to end. I can’t imagine missing out on the special time.
Debby  – Chamonix Yoga Retreat 2009 and 2010
Debby is happy to have you contact her to ask any questions you may have about her experience with Corrine.
Email: debby.cole@gmail.com

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to give thanks for all the blessings in your life.  When I think of how much I have learned from you and how much you have changed my life, and now Scott’s, it is truly an awesome feeling to be reminded of how far we have come in the short time that I have known you. — Suzanne – Nashville, TN

A few months back you wrote one of your newsletters and a line in it has really stuck with me. You said something like “misery is not and option for me”. When I get down and fearful, I always pull that quote to the front of my mind and it has kept me strong. It helps me realize that I am in control of what “state” I am in regardless of what job I have, who’s president, if my father is ill, etc. Thanks for all that you do, you are amazing!” — Deirdre – Nashville, TN

Starting the day with my favorite style of yoga, eating delicious vegetarian food, singing sweet songs with my dear friend Corrine, drinking ice cold glacier water…this is what I call true BLISS. In addition, Chalet owners Jackie and David, were such a delight and took great care of us. I can’t wait to return in 2010 and soak in that hot tub. — Jamina – Chamonix Retreat 2009
Jamina is happy to have you contact her to ask any questions you may have about her experience with Corrine and Satya.
Email: jamina.carder@yahoo.com